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London Fog

To make a 12oz London Fog:
  • Let one sachet of Two Leaves and a Bud Organic Earl Grey steep (in the cup you'll serve it in) for 5 min in about 6oz boiled water.
  • Remove the sachet and add 1oz of Vanilla syrup, or .5oz Vanilla plus .5oz Lavender syrup and stir. (Or steam the syrup with your milk.)
  • Steam milk like you would for a regular latte. Fill the cup with milk. 

Tip: Sell many London Fogs, or offering it as special beverage of the day? Brew a batch of Earl Grey concentrate: 6oz (or less) water per sachet with a long steep (5-10 min) in boiled water. Store in a sealed pitcher in the refrigerator, and steam them up on demand. 


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London Fog